Get on the right career track for you
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"I have been through two degrees and a good handful of highly regarded Young Artist Programs, and I gained more practical career advice from one session with Dana than I did in any of those programs. It's the stuff they don't teach you in school - and it wasn't abstract advice: I walked out of my career coaching with a specific and actionable list of names, people to contact, companies to sing for, repertoire to explore.... Wish I had done this years ago!" - Omar Najmi

“My career coaching with Dana was incredibly helpful! As a young singer just starting to get my feet wet, I find her advice and input invaluable. She is professional and efficient with the hour long session. Dana has an impressive amount of knowledge and insight about today’s opera industry. The hour flew by and I have all of my questions answered plus additional feedback and advice! Absolutely worth the time and money to coach with Dana!” - Jessica Toupin

“My career coaching with Dana was instrumental getting me accepted into a wonderful YAP program and setting me up for a great career trajectory after my master's degree. Dana was able to analyze my strengths and weaknesses as a performer to help me come up with a competitive aria package and also recommend programs that would be the best fit for me. My coaching was encouraging, informative and I look forward to being able to benefit from her valuable advice again in the future.” - Laura Zahn

“For several months I have had so many ideas, aspirations, questions and fears about my post grad life, but without a plan. Dana was able to take those thoughts and break them down into organized, systematic, tangible goals. She gave me networking and branding tools that will be helpful to me as I make the transition from grad student to professional singer and teacher. Her advice put my mind at ease and gave me the extra boost of confidence that I needed to move forward in this next phase of life.” - Casey Kunmann

“My daughter, a composer and mezzo soprano, was referred to Dana at the beginning of her junior year of high school. In addition to being a superb voice teacher, Dana was instrumental in guiding us, green as we were, through the entire college selection process. She has a straightforward, practical approach that we found reassuring as we navigated through applications, auditions and finally school selection. We will continue to tap into Dana’s wealth of experience and seek her advice as our daughter enters this next phase of her musical education at Juilliard and beyond.” - Heather Tanashian

"Amongst her many talents, Dana is a phenomenal career coach! One thing that many young aspiring artists do not learn in a degree program is how to properly market yourself, how to find work for yourself, etc. After graduating with my master’s degree, I found myself feeling stuck, or feeling like I needed to “reinvent the wheel”. A one-hour career coaching with Dana completely changed my perspective on how to find work for myself as well as how to effectively reach out to conductors, directors, companies, etc. I move frequently due to my husband’s job, but the tools Dana has equipped me with has allowed me to easily plug into the music scene in each new community or area we move to. These tools have been invaluable.” -Amanda Braun

“I'm so thankful to Dana for a fabulous career coaching! She answered all of my questions and provided me with a path of how to sing more and connect with more people, not to mention giving me ideas for new rep, coaching information, marketing assistance, and direction. If you are a singer looking for some guidance in their career, Dana is the woman to talk to!” -Meg Ryan

"Dana is extremely knowledgable in what it takes to be a successful musical artist today. She is abundant in resources and has much to offer from her own experiences. She helped me realize all of the tools I already have at my disposal, and helped me broaden my scope of multi-faceted career possibilities. I left my coaching session feeling reassured in my career decisions, ready to take on the next steps with confidence and excitement!" - Melanie Bacaling